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Products > Mommy & Baby Products > > Nutrilon Standard 1 for babies from 0 to 6 months
Product name : Nutrilon Standard 1 for babies from 0 to 6 months
Product No. : 20163222237
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This an original Premium a quality product.

Product is fresh. Nutrilon Standard 1 is an infant formula milk-based and can be used from birth in combination with breastfeeding. Nutrilon Standard 1 is suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months. 

Nutrilon 1 standard contains a blend of fibers GOS : FOS , nucleotides and DHA




1. Wash your hands and make sure the bottle and nipple are clean.

2. Bring water to a boil. Allow the boiled water to cool to cold or hand hot temperature (approximately 37 ° C) and pour the required amount in the vial.

3. Take the supplied measuring spoon loosely through the powder and rub it off at the afstrijkrandje.

4. Add the appropriate number of scoops to the water in the bottle.

5. Turn the cap on the bottle and shake gently until the powder is completely dissolved (± 30 seconds).

6. Make sure the power is not too hot by dropping them on the inside of your wrist. Is the temperature right? Then you can give the bottle.

7. Dry the scoop off and save it to the inside of the lid.

8. Press the hand on top of the lid so that the lid snaps shut. For example, the powder will remain fresh.


Keep Prescription Prepared follow-on milk outside the refrigerator for more than two hours tenable. Leftovers follow-on milk you can not reuse.

Note: Boiled water can, when it has cooled for 24 hours locked refrigerate. To use, you can heat the cooled water in the microwave or bottle warmer. If you have a bottle of Nutrilon H. A. 2 after preparing immediately shut down and placed in the refrigerator, you can use this power for another 24 hours. You can give the cold or warm food for use up to 37 ° C.

Name manufacturer / importer Nutricia

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