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Product name : HiPP Bio Pre 600g
Product No. : 201631233232
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German HiPP 40 years of experience in the manufacture of organic foods, Is the leading brand in Germany, was also recognized by the EU to exceed the highest standards of organic food, and the selection of raw materials for manufacturing dairy foods are the most stringent; milk used are taken from the self-management of organic pasture more than 200 days the cows are free of any and all feed machine of GM ingredients.
* Suitable from birth to six months of the baby as a direct substitute breast milk (mother did not milk) or supplement (mother insufficient milk) milk.
* EU certified natural and organic foods, does not contain sugar, thickeners, artificial additives and may cause allergic Valley abdominal (wheat starch protein).
* Close to breast milk ingredients, suitable for newly hatched baby formula feeding needs gifted or auxiliary breastfeeding.
* Contains organic milk and strictly controlled organic nutrients, rich in vitamins and minerals.
* Similar to breast milk contains long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids LCP, to promote the development of the brain and nervous system.
* With easy to digest and absorb lactose, help your baby build digestive balance.
Pre milk segment and a difference:
Pre segment does not contain starch milk ingredients, lactose content a little more. This is mainly based on imperfect newborn baby's digestive system formulated. Pre segment closest to breast milk using a proprietary formula, it is more suitable for mixed feeding (breast milk and formula) baby. And some milk in the Pre segment on the basis of all the nutrients added STARKE starch ingredients, let your baby eat more satiety. In general, for newly born baby with Pre paragraph feeding, but after a few months, some babies will appear unsaturated phenomenon needs more feeding times, this time the need to replace a formula, of course, there have been relatively adapt Pre baby segment milk powder, have been to six months when the direct exchange Sec milk.
The price for Order HiPP Bio Pre 600g direct from Germany. The pictures are for information purposes, colors may differ from the real color.
Some products may be sold out or replaced by actual models. We reserve the right to supply the actual model. For a concrete verification, it is recommended contacting us by phone.
If you want further information about Order HiPP Bio Pre 600g,please contact us by e-mail or phone.

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